Gourmet Menu

We split our menu into four parts to offer you the best of season flavours with local fresh foods.

Here you will find an example of some of our dishes, but ask for more, every week the fantasy of our chef  will give you many different choices!

what it means?: 4season- you will find this meal almost in every season of the year; spring, summer, autumn, winter – you will find the meal in the season indicatedStarter

  • ‘Crescentine nelle tigelle’  with cold cuts, cheese and pickles…6,00 € (4season)
  • ‘Bruschettine’ with vegetables …4,00 (spring – summer)
  • Parmigiano of White Cow (from Modena) with Balsamic Winegar…5,00 (4season)
  • Ricotta of White Cow (from Modena) with chestnut’ honeyand  Tigelle…5,00 (autums – winter- spring)

Pasta and Soup

  • Passatelli with onion and bacon…10,00 € (4season)
  • Tortelloni (different condiments)…12,00 € (with cherry tomatoes – summer, with gorgonzola cheese and nuts – autumn, traditional with butter and sage –  (4season)
  • Tortelloni with Chestnuts Flour (autumn – winter)
  • Tagliatelle (yellow or green) with ragù bolognese…10,00 € (4season)
  • Tagliatelle with vegetables, parmigiano  of White Cow (from Modena) with Balsamic Winegar (primavera – estate)
  • Tortellini…10,00 € (with broth, autumn – winter; with parmigiano cream (4season)

Meats and Others

  • ‘Tagliata’ with Erbs…14,00 € (spring – summer)
  • Tagliata with Balsamic Winegar (autumn-winter)
  • Grilled Mixed…from 9,00 to 15 € (4season)
  • Roasted cony with potatoes…9,00 € (4season)
  • ‘Cacciatora’ (chicken, cony)…10,00€ (4season)
  • Tigelle with cold cuts and/or with ‘Cacciatora’…10,00€ (4season)
  • Boar in Sauce with Polenta or Tigelle…10,00€ (4season)


  • Grillex Vegetables…4,00 € (4season)
  • Fried mixed Vegetables…4,00 € (4season)
  • Chips or roasted potatoes…4,00 € (4season)


  • Cream Cake with pine nuts…4,00 € (4season)
  • Soft Chocolate Cake…4,00 € (autumn – winter)
  • Ricotta Chees Cake…4,00€  (4season)
  • Semifreddo  Canonica…4,00 € (4season)
  • Cicci cake – ricotta sweet balls (spring – summer)
  • Salami Chocolate (autumn  – winter)

On demand we could make for you vegerarian, vegan menu.

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