The four elements – Fire



Fire represents a deep power which allows the union of the opposites and the ascent of the sublimation. It’s the engine of the periodical regeneration of the Nature.
Soul life, power of creation, animal and instinctive vigour are the essential forms of the element Heat.
The Spirit, an internal fire of the humanity is at the same time piercing knowlwdge of the individual intellect, illumination or distraction of the wrapping. The earthy life of the creatures is like a dream and like the subtle star of existence and it derives from the vigour of the fire.
In all its vital manifestations fire expresses itself through luminescent appearance and pleases itself. The intellect in its evolutional form follows the spirit, like the Earth follows the Sun.
The fire as long as it burns and consumes it’s the symbol of purification and regeneration. It represents purification through the aware understanding in its most spiritual form, through the light and the truth.
The element is represented by “I” of the being. Its heat forms the personality of individuals, their physical resemblance, mental states, dispositions and instinctive tendencies. It forms the individuality and it determines the evolution of the personality. It’s the principle of all the situations, the beginning of everything, the reason and the cause.
The element Fire symbolizes fundamentally heat, dryness, quick movement, extreme lightness and rarefaction.

  • CARDINAL POINT: south;
  • PLANTS: succulent plants, yellow and red flowers;
  • DAY TIME: midday;
  • SEASON: summer;
  • GEM: ruby;
  • INCENSE: resin;
  • COLOURS: red, orange, yellow;
  • ANIMALS: animals with claws.