The four elements – Air



What keep in the air a hang-glider, a kite or a bird? What allow us to breath and to live? Air.
We cannot see air and we cannot grab it, but it exists.
It is all that wrap and permeate us, it is the intangible space that all unite, it is the vital energy that Taoists call chi, hinduists call prana (from sanskrit force-light) and we call ether. It is the invisible matter that penetrate the whole universe and that we absorb from environment through respiration.
It represents the line of demarcation between the Earth and the Heavens, that is the point of contact between spirituality and matter and, therefore, it indicates the ability of sublimation of materialistic impulses.
Air is the creative triumph of natural life. Its perfusion over the Earth is prolific and improves fertility of nature.
Therefore the kind of expression consistent with air element concern all the faculties of intellect and mind: speech, art, abstract thought, imagination, music, singing, laughter, writing, poetry, inspiration. As a consequence communication, sociability, cultural exchange, mobility, change, play and joke, flexibility, shrug it off.

  • PLANTS: cornflower, primrose and flowers;
  • DAY TIME: dawn, morning;
  • SEASON: spring;
  • GEM: blue sapphire;
  • INCENSE: spring flowers flavour;
  • COLOURS: dark blue, light blue, golden;
  • ANIMALS: birds;