The four elements – Earth



The Earth is the element in three natural kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal, considered by most of the traditions as the most sacred and divine among the elements.
Fertile and creative, nourishing and luxuriant, it contains both, poetic characteristics of the maternal womb which receives the life nourishing it and also practical characteristics of the constancy, patience and strenght. By every ancient culture based on the respect for the Nature, a man has always been considered as one of the elements of this universe, as the son of the nature itself, a particle of the wider context. With the advent of the anthropocentric cultures, the Nature was plundered and wound in its sacredness: mankind became the dominator of all the things and animals, woods, trees, waters and the ground itself are paying serious consequences, with the effects reflected over the man itself.
The valley, considering its aspect calls to mind the earthy womb, heavenly forces shelter. Therefore it’s the place of the fertility and transformation.
The growth of the grass expresses the activity of the vegetable forces of the Earth which are gathered and used for the healing and therapeutic purposes.
The hills and the mountains are the places which create the sense of the isolation that allows the moments of deep introspection.
The wood is the place where to withdraw for the regeneration and the consciousness waiting to enter the new cycle, the source of life and the area of protection.
The trees assumes in itself the concepts of wisdom, sacredness and power and it’s also means of transport through the states of the being and the cosmic.

  • CARDINAL POINT: north;
  • PLANTS: grain, oats, rice;
  • DAY TIME: midnight;
  • SEASON: winter;
  • GEM: hyaline quartz;
  • INCENSE: spicebush, storax;
  • COLOURS: black, dark brown, green;
  • ANIMALS: bull, snake.