The four elements – Water



Since the beginning of the times mankind has considered the Water as the source of all the life. The Water is the most privileged among the elements, because it’s unpredictable and at the same time it possesses calm, gravity and the abyssal depth of the Earth, the orbital anxiety of the Air and the mobility of the Fire. Water, motionless enchantment of the lakes, untiring sky traveller, Earth perforator (through rains) and the sovereign of the abysses (of lakes and seas), it’s the most fascinating bond and vehicle.
It’s the incarnation of the liquid state of flexibility, release of the material, a creator that assimilates, interiorize, softens, mixes, inhibits, homogenize, fills, resolves.
It wins surrendering, changing form, adapting to circumstances, surrounding the obstacles that it meets, but inexorably from the source where it’s born it reaches the sea, becoming first a torrent and then a river, in continous transformation, sometimes slow and almost imperceptible, other times fast and hasty. It’s never the same to itself. Water is the expansion and the depth, it’s receptive and purifying; it’s therapeutic, a secret energy bearer and a healer.
All the profound emotions that flow to appear at the surface and disappear under the ground following their inner lows, elusive, unpredictable, indefinable, sometimes unknown, sometimes dominant, belong to Water.
Altruism, the ability of abandon, dependence, senses of guilt, attachment, compassion, sharing are the feelings that characterize Water.

  • PLANTS: water-lily, lotus, lily;
  • DAY TIME: twilight;
  • SEASON: autumn;
  • GEM: aquamarine;
  • INCENSE: myrrh;
  • COLOURS: blue, green;
  • ANIMALS: dolphins, fish;